Jerry Malitz
ANC 3G-05

"Building Local Engagement"


On October 15th DC's Office of Planning (OP) released its proposed amendments to the remaining elements of the Comprehensive Plan. The element summary plan for Rock Creek West, which includes and directly impacts ANC3/4G, mentions the Connecticut. Ave. corridor specifically. Some of the potential changes could include, based on developers’ proposals, changing the designation of the strip along Connecticut Ave. from low-density commercial to mixed use with commercial and moderate density residential. The redline version of the elements plan might be of particular interest. OP will hold a public meeting for Ward 3 on Dec. 7 from 10:00am-12:00pm at Wilson High School, and for Ward 4 on Nov. 19 from 6:00-8:00pm at Roosevelt High School to discuss its proposal and answer questions. ANC3/4G will also be creating a Task Force which will consist of ANC Commissioners and residents, but all are invited to participate in the process. The Task Force may decide to conduct one or more surveys to solicit input from the broader community. The Task Force will hold several meetings over the next 6 weeks and prepare proposals that ANC3/4G will consider at its Jan. 13, 2020 meeting for final adoption at its Jan. 27, 2020 meeting. If you are interested in participating on this Task Force please contact your ANC Commissioner. The video for this full and specific discussion on this topic at the recent ANC meeting is available.



The kick-off meeting of the project to modernize the Chevy Chase Community Center took place on Wednesday November 6. Present at the meeting were members of the Design Oversight Task Force as well as representatives of DPR and Bell Architects, the firm selected to do the design work. The video of this meeting has been posted to ANC3/4G's YouTube channel . In addition, the slide presentation that should be viewed in conjunction with this video is also available. Topics covered at the meeting included: project schedule, project challenges and visual preference illustrations. This was the first of what will be many opportunities for community members to give feedback on this exciting new project.


The Washington Nationals are the 2019 World Series Champs! As for the rest of the November newsletter there is lots of news from around the neighborhood. Included in this issue are items on: Draft element amendments to the DC comprehensive plan; Leaf collection schedule; Community Center modernization kick-off meeting with architect; Business news; Oregon Ave. reconstruction schedule; and many more items of interest. If you are not a current newsletter subscribe please subscribe to receive it direct via email. You can be sure that subscriber email addresses are never shared or used for any other purposes. 


The October 28th meeting of ANC3/4G is now available to view through ANC3/4G’s YouTube Channel. Highlights include a discussion of the process for responding to the DC Comprehensive Plan including the creation of a Task Force.

Agenda items included:

  • Presentations by DC Water, the DDOE, and the National Park Service and discussion about reconstruction plans for Bingham Drive.
  • Discussion of status of the Office of Planning’s draft amendments to the city-wide and area elements of the DC Comprehensive Plan and process for responding including creation of a Commission Task Force.
  • Update on the Community Center design and construction logistics.


Based on a community-wide survey that ANC3/4G (aka ANC3G) conducted this past June people were asked which social media platforms they preferred to get information from regarding activities involving the ANC. Facebook received more votes than did Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram combined. As such, the ANC worked to revive a long dormant Facebook account in response to this community input. So now in addition to our website and Twitter account we  post frequently to our @ANC3G Facebook page. 

Since we do not have the budget to pay for advertising to get our page to show up easily on your newsfeed here are some easy steps to follow to make sure that ANC3G shows up in your newsfeed.

First, Like/Follow the ANC3G page. Once you have done that do the following:

· On Facebook's menu in the upper right hand corner select the down arrow.

· Then select News Feed Preferences (near bottom of list)

· Once that box opens select Prioritize who to see first (top item)

· In the top left corner of the box that opens there will be a dropdown box that by default says All. Click on the arrow and select Pages Only

· Then select Chevy Chase Advisory... and a star will appear in that box’ upper right hand corner

After that posts from the ANC page will appear in your news feed when they come out. Of course you can always search for ANC3G news simply by entering ANC3G in the search box on your Facebook page. Hopefully this will provide an added community service to receive up-to-date ANC3/4G information.