Jerry Malitz Commissioner ANC 3G-05 "Building Local Engagement"


You are invited and encouraged to participate in this Chevy Chase survey on the DC Comprehensive Plan  (see full plan) as it impacts Rock Creek West within whose boundaries Chevy Chase DC is located. This topic was discussed at the October 28th ANC3/4G meeting as well as at two recent Task Force meetings. The Comprehensive Plan is DC's master plan for development, first created in 2006 and under amendment now. It addresses land use, economic development, housing, transportation, infrastructure, environmental protection, and more. Land use changes have been proposed that would affect many areas of DC including Chevy Chase. As such, the special ANC Task Force created to address this issue developed this brief 8 question survey, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete. This survey presents various considerations and scenarios for your input. We want to learn more about what residents of our community think, and results will be used to help inform Task Force recommendations as they relate to the planning process. Your participation in this study is voluntary and your name is not requested. Responses will only be reported in the aggregate; all individual responses are strictly confidential. In addition to the Survey there is one more public Task Force meeting coming up on December 16th at the Chevy Chase Community Center from 7-9pm. Additionally,  the DC Office of Planning is hosting a Ward 3 Comprehensive Plan meeting  December 7 from 10am-noon at Wilson High School. Plan on attending a Task Force meeting if possible and please complete this short survey. Following these meetings, and using the survey results, the Task Force will prepare proposals that ANC3/4G will consider at its Jan. 13, 2020 meeting for final adoption at its Jan. 27th meeting. 



The December 9th meeting of ANC3/4G is now available to view through ANC3/4G’s YouTube Channel. Highlights include a discussion with Director Trueblood concerning the proposed amendments to the DC Comprehensive Plan, and a vote on changing the liquor license of The Avenue and Capital Crab & Seafood to add sports wagering.



Longtime neighbor (since at least 1959) in Chevy Chase DC, Circle Wine & Liquors, will with great regret be closing their 5501 Connecticut Ave. location at the end of December, a mere 18 days from today. Their 11 year lease was not renewed and instead the new tenant will be yet another bank (our 7th bank or ATM branch kiosk) in a 4 block stretch in our neighborhood, this time it is Chase Bank. Reportedly, Willco the property owner, negotiated the new lease with Chase for double the rent that Circle was paying thus pricing them out of the market. Circle, which has been in existence as a small business enterprise under different owners, has been a welcome mainstay in the area, and under their current ownership they have also donated thousands of dollars every year to neighboring schools.  Circle has been an anchor store for the 5501 Conn. Ave, strip which includes: Blue 44, Fishery Seafood Market, Relaxed Nails & Spa, and C&C Custom Cleaners. All of these are also on Willco property. One wonders if newly negotiated leases for these other establishments might also be in jeopardy when their time runs out resulting in more losses of small business owners.


This December newsletter is filled with lots of news from around the neighborhood. Topics in this issue include: An important survey request to help with recommendations concerning the DC Comprehensive Plan and Chevy Chase; flavored tobacco products; new business news; requesting pedestrian and road safety assessments; visitor parking permits and many more items of interest. If you are not a current newsletter subscribe please subscribe to receive it direct via email. You can be sure that subscriber email addresses are never shared or used for any other purposes. 


The November 25th regular public meeting of ANC3/4G  is now available to view through ANC3/4G’s YouTube Channel.  Highlights include new plans for the old American City Diner, Conn Ave/Oliver St Bus turnout plans, and DC Council Bill concerning flavored cigarettes. 


Based on a community-wide survey that ANC3/4G (aka ANC3G) conducted this past June people were asked which social media platforms they preferred to get information from regarding activities involving the ANC. Facebook received more votes than did Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram combined. As such, the ANC worked to revive a long dormant Facebook account in response to this community input. So now in addition to our website and Twitter account we post frequently to our @ANC3G Facebook page. 

To get the ANC3G posts to show up on your newsfeed here are some easy steps to follow to make sure that happens:

First, Like/Follow the ANC3G page. Once you have done that do the following:

· On Facebook's menu in the upper right hand corner select the down arrow.

· Then select News Feed Preferences (near bottom of list)

· Once that box opens select Prioritize who to see first (top item)

· In the top left corner of the box that opens there will be a dropdown box that by default says All. Click on the arrow and select Pages Only

· Then select Chevy Chase Advisory... and a star will appear in that box’ upper right hand corner

After that posts from the ANC page will appear in your news feed when they come out. Of course you can always search for ANC3G news simply by entering ANC3G in the search box on your Facebook page. Hopefully this will provide an added community service to receive up-to-date ANC3/4G information.