Jerry Malitz
ANC 3G-05

"Building Local Engagement"



As reported previously ANC3/4G convened a small task force to examine our communication strategies. The goal was to optimize and promote greater accessibility, timeliness, efficiency and transparency in communicating to neighbors. As part of this we developed a 2 question survey for residents to help inform our decision-making process. Both questions allowed the respondent to check all that apply. The percentages reflect the number of responses we received for each option from our 160 respondents.  The final report is structured by presenting the following: Driving Concepts, Questions That Were Addressed, Current Communication Vehicles Used and Notable User Statistics, Outreach Questions, Essential Characteristics for a Strong Responsive Website, Recommendations, and Survey Results. The full results and recommendations are available in the final report. Thank you to all those who responded to the survey. Your assistance helped to quantify and augment the other analyses that took place which are fully described in the 7 page report

Survey highlights include: 

  • We asked on which social media platforms or discussion vehicles would you prefer to receive information. The top choices were: the Chevy Chase [Community] Listserv 57.5%, NextDoor 39.4%, Facebook 22.5%, Other (23 wrote in email) 15.6%, and the Chevy Chase Google Group 14.4%
  • We asked what features and topics people were interested in. The top 5 choices were: Neighborhood Topics and Issues 82.5%, Calendar of Events 75.6%, Agendas of Upcoming and Past Meetings 67.5%, Community Resources 57.5%, and What's New 55.6%. 

Nine recommendations are included in the report all embracing the notion that effective organizational strategies rely on messages being delivered multiple times in various ways to have the most impact. Not everybody receives information the same way and different messages require different methods of delivery.  Using multiple channels (e.g. website, newsletters, social media, etc.) to communicate with constituents and others will increase the odds that information is understood and received in a timely fashion. 

Here in Chevy Chase D.C. we are fortunate to have several fine establishments for our dining pleasure. Most of them also have various Happy Hours, Specials, and Live Music. These establishments are within a three block segment of Connecticut Avenue between Livingston and McKinley. No doubt many of us have frequented them on occasion. In addition to dining these other specials of which we can avail ourselves at these eateries range in time throughout the day and span every day of the week. Here is the current lowdown on what you can expect for Happy Hours/Specials along Connecticut Ave. in Chevy Chase as well as who has live music on certain days of the week.

Blue 44 - Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 5-7pm. Beer, wine, cocktails and rail drink specials. Anywhere in the bar area (some tables included).
Chevy Chase Lounge - Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 4-7pm. Cocktails, beer, wine, and rail drink specials. Also, for all NFL games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday night drink and appetizer specials. Anywhere in the bar area (all tables included).
Little Beast - Late Night Happy Hour: Daily: Sunday-Saturday 8-10:30pm. Beer, wine and cocktail specials. At the bar only. Also, every Thursday night (8:30-11pm) is 1/2 price bottles of wine throughout the restaurant. Additionally, every Thursday from 8-10:30pm they have a different local music group performing with styles ranging from Bossa Nova to jazz. Their music series is curated by Thad Wilson, a DC-based jazz trumpeter and all events are free to the public.
Macon - Summer Happy Hour: Sunday-Thursday 4-7pm. Snacks, beer, wine and cocktail specials at the patio and bar only. Also, every Monday night 1/2 price bottles of wine throughout the restaurant. 
The Avenue - Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 3-7pm. Beer, wine and cocktail specials. Throughout the bar area (bar tables included). Also, Wednesday nights 1/2 price bottles of wine throughout the restaurant. Additionally, there is now live music every Thursday night and most Friday nights starting around 8:30pm. Recently they have also had a piano player (Spenser Bates) Thursday during happy hour followed by their regular acoustic singer/songwriter Sean Chyun. Occasionally on weekends they also have local bands upstairs in their Loft. All music is free to the public unless otherwise noted.

Enjoy what our neighborhood has to offer (information current as of 7/1/2019).


The August 2019 Issue of WHAT'S GOING ON: NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS & BEYOND is now available. This issue contains lots of neighborhood information on items such as: Local Sidewalk Repair, Dog Waste Disposal, Bell Architects Selected for Community Center Modernization, Many Aggregated Local News Sources and Much More. To receive future issues direct via email please subscribe. Your email is never used for any other purpose.


A U.S. House hearing on DC statehood has been rescheduled for Sept. 19. This is the first time in 25 years that a House committee will publicly review a bill to make the District the 51st state. The bill has more than 200 co-sponsors in the House, which is moving toward holding a floor vote. Of course Mitch McConnell has already said that the bill is dead on arrival in the Senate even though the Senate version has 33 co-sponsors. Still,  it's a start, considering that such a House hearing did not even take place during the last Democrat controlled House under President Obama. Lend your vocal support for this effort.


Video of the July 22nd regular meeting of ANC 3/4G is available to view on YouTube.  Major items discussed:

  • Presentation by Andrew Reese, Director, DC Dept. of Disability Services, on the Department’s termination of its disability services contract with Georgetown University.
  • Vote on a resolution concerning DC's Comprehensive Plan.
  • Vote on a resolution urging the Dept. of Parks & Recreation and the Dept. of General Services to proceed with the Lafayette Recreation Center modernization and the Lafayette Park stormwater management program in a timely manner and within the available budget. 

In reviewing emails I have received from neighbors it seems that the #1 overall complaint I get has to do with dog waste. This ranges from people who don't clean up after their dogs to those who leave the bagged waste in trash bins other than their own. On the official DC website on this subject it states the following in regard to dog waste.

  • Keep your yard clean by picking up poop every day. Throw your pet's waste in the trash or flush it down the toilet.
  • Carry disposable plastic bags with you on walks. They don't have to be fancy; old produce, bread, or newspaper bags work just as well.
  • Place bagged waste in your own trash can or a public litter bin. It's illegal and not neighborly to use a can of another resident (emphasis added).
  • Never leave bags of poop on the ground or in a storm drain.

Residents have done several things, or combination of things, to try to combat people putting dog waste in their trash cans (which are often not picked up on trash collection day), including:

  • Keep cans upside down until the day garbage is collected.
  • Put bricks on the lid to discourage people from opening.
  • Write on the can NO DOG POOP.
  • Attach a lock on the can and take it off on collection day.
  • Keep cans out of the alley and inside property line.
  • Build a small shed/container to store cans.

Please take these ideas in the spirit in which they are intended, to help make our neighborhood cleaner, healthier and more neighborly.