Jerry Malitz
ANC 3G-05

"Building Local Engagement"



We here in Chevy Chase might not be part of any formal DC business program but that doesn’t stop us from holding our own special events (such as Chevy Chase Day and the Ch/Art Studio Art Walk) that help promote a sense of community and awareness of what our community has to offer. We are fortunate to have 6 restaurants (with bars) within a very short 2 block stretch of Connecticut Ave: Blue 44, Capital Crab, Little Beast, Macon Bistro, Parthenon, and The Avenue and they have come together to co-host a special Chevy Chase DC Sips ‘n Snacks event set for Saturday October 19 from 2:30-5:00pm. 

Passholders for this event are entitled to one drink (e.g. wine, beer) at each of the aforementioned establishments as well as complimentary special snacks to enhance your visit. Passes for the event are only $30 and are now available at all of the above locations. And yes, children are more than welcome to accompany adults and have a free soft drink. So, SAVE the DATE, October 19; this is your chance for a fun time while visiting old  and new friends alike among our business community. For updates please visit  @ccsipsnsnacks



This year's Lafayette Fall Festival features food trucks, face painters, balloon twisters and rock climbing walls, as well as moon bounces, kids crafts, and carnival rides plus used-book and toy sales, a haunted house designed by the 5th graders and much more. This fundraising event takes place at Lafayette Elementary School on Saturday, October 19, from 11am-3pm. 


Until November 1 the Ward 3 Democrats are organizing a book drive welcoming children who will be moving into the new Short Term Family Housing that is being constructed at 3320 Idaho Ave, NW in Ward 3 for homeless families. The purpose of the book drive is to inspire and welcome the kids who will be moving into the new housing. The books must be new and should be for kids from birth to 18. Child's Play is offering a 20% discount on the books purchased for the kids in their store during this book drive. Politics & Prose has developed a curated list of books that they specifically recommend for kids of this age. Both stores will serve as a collection point for the books  that are purchased from their establishments  and the Ward 3 Democrats will collect them for delivery. Additionally, other new books can be left in a designated box located near the  front door at 5435 Nevada Ave. NW.


Fall is here and with it comes this October newsletter filled with lots of news from around the neighborhood. Included in this issue are two big events taking place this month, the inaugural Chevy Chase Sips 'n Snacks Day on October 19 and on the same day but earlier the annual Lafayette Fall Festival. Also of note is the proposed route change for the L1 & L2 bus, the expansion of Circle Yoga and Opening Heart Mindfulness, new parking ticket tools which will generate more reported violations, and many more items of interest including the revival of the ANC3/4G Facebook account. To receive future issues direct via email please subscribe. Your email is never used for any other purpose.


Based on a community-wide survey that ANC3/4G (aka ANC3G) conducted this past June people were asked which social media platforms they preferred to get information from regarding activities involving the ANC. Facebook received more votes than did Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram combined. As such, the ANC worked to revive a long dormant Facebook account in response to this community input. So now in addition to our website and Twitter account we have begun to post frequently to our @ANC3G Facebook page. 

Since we do not have the budget to pay for advertising to get our page to show up easily on your newsfeed here are some easy steps to follow to make sure that ANC3G shows up in your newsfeed.

First, Like/Follow the ANC3G page. Once you have done that do the following:

· On banner menu in upper right hand corner of Facebook select the down pointing arrow.

· Then select News Feed Preferences (near bottom of list)

· Once that box opens select Prioritize who to see first (top item)

· In the top left corner of the box that opens there will be a dropdown box that by default says All. Click on the arrow and select Pages Only

· Then select Chevy Chase Advisory... and a star will appear in that box’ upper right hand corner

After that posts from the ANC page will appear in your news feed when they come out. Of course you can always search for ANC3G news simply by entering ANC3G in the search box on your Facebook page. Hopefully this will provide an added community service to receive up-to-date ANC3/4G information.


The September 23rd meeting of ANC3/4G is now available to view through ANC3/4G’s YouTube Channel.

Agenda Items Include:

  • Tribute to Davis Kennedy, former publisher of the Current.
  • Discussion on proposed testimony before the Council’s Committee on Finance and Revenue on the “Veteran Retirement Income Tax Exclusion Amendment Act of 2019.”
  • Discussion on vacant property at 2900 Military Rd., NW and the DCRA notice of immediate abatement.
  • Discussion on ANC3/4G's upcoming September 25th testimony before the Council’s (Robert White, Chair) Facilities and Procurement Roundtable on Advisory Neighborhood Commissions for Wards 3 and 4.