Jerry Malitz
ANC 3G-05

"Building Local Engagement"



We here in Chevy Chase might not be part of any formal DC business program but that doesn’t stop us from holding our own special events (such as Chevy Chase Day and the Ch/Art Studio Art Walk) that help promote a sense of community and awareness of what our community has to offer. We are fortunate to have 6 restaurants (with bars) within a very short 2 block stretch of Connecticut Ave: Blue 44, Capital Crab, Little Beast, Macon Bistro, Parthenon, and The Avenue and they have come together to co-host a special Chevy Chase Sips ‘n Snacks event for Saturday October 19 from 2:30-5:00pm. 

Passholders for this event are entitled to one drink (e.g. wine, beer) at each of the aforementioned establishments and that includes complimentary special snacks to enhance your visit. Passes for the event are only $30 and will be available beginning September 14 (to coincide with Chevy Chase Day) at all of the above locations. And yes, children are more than welcome to accompany adults and have a free soft drink. More details will be forthcoming at the participating restaurants and their social media accounts, and a special website will also be set up. For now, SAVE the DATE, October 19; this is your chance for a fun time while visiting old friends and making new friends among our business community. For updates and further information please email: or go to  @ccsipsnsnacks



A U.S. House hearing on DC statehood has been rescheduled for Sept. 19. This is the first time in 25 years that a House committee will publicly review a bill to make the District the 51st state. The bill has more than 200 co-sponsors in the House, which is moving toward holding a floor vote. Of course Mitch McConnell has already said that the bill is dead on arrival in the Senate even though the Senate version has 33 co-sponsors. Still,  it's a start, considering that such a House hearing did not even take place during the last Democrat controlled House under President Obama. Lend your vocal support for this effort.


The Summer is almost gone and this pre-Labor Day September Newsletter is packed with neighborhood info on items such as: Chevy Chase Day 2019; Upcoming Local Alley Work; Street and Sidewalk Colored Spray Marks: What Do They Mean? the Inaugural Chevy Chase Sip 'n Snacks Event; Contract Details Now Officially Posted For Bell Architects to Begin Work On the Community Center and many other items. To receive future issues direct via email please subscribe. Your email is never used for any other purpose.


The September 9th meeting of ANC3/4G is now available to view through ANC3/4G’s YouTube Channel.

Agenda Items Include:

  • Discussion and vote on public space permit application for a retaining wall at 6431 Western Avenue, NW
  • Discussion and vote on letter of support for the Lafayette Home School Association’s permit application for the Lafayette Fall Festival on October 19, 2019
  • Presentation by and discussion with Tom Weaver, Safeway store manager, on proposed service improvements, and 
  • An update on the Community Center design and construction logistics.

In reviewing emails I have received from neighbors it seems that the #1 overall complaint I get has to do with dog waste. This ranges from people who don't clean up after their dogs to those who leave the bagged waste in trash bins other than their own. On the official DC website on this subject it states the following in regard to dog waste.

  • Keep your yard clean by picking up poop every day. Throw your pet's waste in the trash or flush it down the toilet.
  • Carry disposable plastic bags with you on walks. They don't have to be fancy; old produce, bread, or newspaper bags work just as well.
  • Place bagged waste in your own trash can or a public litter bin. It's illegal and not neighborly to use a can of another resident (emphasis added).
  • Never leave bags of poop on the ground or in a storm drain.

Residents have done several things, or combination of things, to try to combat people putting dog waste in their trash cans (which are often not picked up on trash collection day), including:

  • Keep cans upside down until the day garbage is collected.
  • Put bricks on the lid to discourage people from opening.
  • Write on the can NO DOG POOP.
  • Attach a lock on the can and take it off on collection day.
  • Keep cans out of the alley and inside property line.
  • Build a small shed/container to store cans.

Please take these ideas in the spirit in which they are intended, to help make our neighborhood cleaner, healthier and more neighborly.